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2014 - San Miguel de Allende

2013 - San Miguel de Allende

2012 - San Miguel de Allende

Mi Protectora

Under the Milky Way


2011 - Painted in Paris after long walk

Up a Creek without a Paddle

The Artist's Journey


2010 - From San Miguel de Allende

Emerging from the Swamp

Dunce or Sorcerer


September 2009 - From San Miguel de Allende

Open Mind


Learning to Sing Gospel





May 2009 - From San Miguel de Allende

Artist's Journey - acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink on paper


Angles and Curves Play Together - acrylic, oil, watercolor on paper


April 2009 - From San Miguel de Allende

Triangles Have a Party by Moonlight - acrylic, oil, waterclor


Two Towers - acrylic, oil, watercolor on paper


Triangles Have a Party - oil, watercolor on paper


Floating Things - watercolor, ink on paper


Water Play with R - waterclor and ink on paper

March 2009
I've been in San Miguel de Allende since the first of the year and am loving it. Here's my newest painting.

Come With Me--Give Me Strength
40x40cm acrylic on canvas

December 2008

My first collage piece--using Cuban cigar bands. Fun.

Havana Voodoo 12x12" acrylic on canvas

Just finished this one--it's my biggest canvas yet: 50x60cm. I had to use an easel! I still have a lot to learn about acrylic and canvas. Everyone said it was easier than watercolor and they were right.

Luna Garden Window


November 2008
Another new painting.

Botanical Fusion 2 (acrylic on canvas)

Have been playing around with painting acrylic on thin plywood and carving llines--sort of like my ceramics and cloisonne enamel. I'd love to have a table top of this or kitchen cabinet door panels.

October 2008

We're back in Baja and I just finished my first painting here.

Botanical Fusion

September 2008

I just finished a 2 week Artist's Residency at the Julia and David White Art Colony in Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica. Since moving to one of the wettest parts of Costa Rica I decided that watercolor was simply too fragile so I switched to acrylic paint on canvas. Here are my new paintings.

Singing Crocodile

Wilton's Path